PF Film™ – Process free X-RAY films for NDT and security applications

Specifically designed to meet the current demand for security and very small thickness industrial x-ray imaging applications


  • Self-developing, no need for processor equipment
  • Safe to use in the light, no more fumbling in the dark
  • Shoot and see, no additional equipment required
  • No limitation to film orientation, no non-imaging edges
  • Watch the image appear in real time
  • Observe the results with the film “in place”
  • No more wasted under- or over-exposures
  • Custom size, easily cut and shaped to meet the needs


  • For faster, easier, more convenient and less costly x-ray imaging. Particularly effective in field applications and remote environments
  • Security application
  • Suspicious packages
  • E.O.D.
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Electronic circuit
  • Welding


  • Stand alone image tool
  • No screen required
  • No cassette required
  • Self developing in real time
  • Resolution better than 10 microns
  • Robust – water and scratch resistant; usable in daylight from -40°F to 140°F
  • Stable in real world environment with shelf life > 1 year
  • Roll or sheet films are easily cut to custom shapes
  • No wasted films – watch in for the optimum image to appear in real time


  • 10” x 12” sheets
  • 20” x 300’ rolls
  • Any other custom size


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