FFI Tactical is ready to help with technologies for EOD, C-IED, UXO, security, threat-material identification, and related applications.  We participate in several national and international exhibitions each year and have distributors in dozens of countries.  Whether you would like to arrange a demo, visit us in St. Petersburg, or discuss your application on the phone, we are looking forward to hearing from you.  We operate all over the world and we are standing by to support.  We can be available anytime.

In addition to our own products and technologies we offer sales and support for Teledyne ICM portable x-ray systems, FOG remote firing systems, CSL disruptors, CSL electronic stethoscope, Ebinger metal detection systems, ANT water jet cutting systems, Energetics Technology blast-protection litter bins (trash cans) and explosives carriers (detonators, munitions, pyrotechnics), Holdfast Systems personal protective (PPE) equipment such as bomb suits & helmets, search suits & helmets and de-mining aprons, vests, helmets and visors.  We also provide training for all of our equipment at our headquarters in Florida and can arrange training at customer locations worldwide.

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Toll Free (U.S.): 1.877.809.4253

Office:+ 1.727.490.3609