Blast-Threat Containment

FFI Tactical equipment is currently protecting borders all over the globe. We supply detection and identification equipment to the commercial sector, securing public venues from external and internal threats.

Border security – explosives, narcotics detection and identification

Vulnerable sites – hotels, places of worship, sporting and commercial venues – explosives screening

Maritime – Cruise ship security, boardings and searches

Schools & Colleges – Illicit material (narcotics and explosives) identification

Trash cans with blast protection to protect people against IED blasts

  • With the increase in terror attacks in recent years, many authorities have taken the decision to remove trash cans from public areas amid fears that they would be used to plant explosives and endanger public safety.  Blast-protected litter bins (trash cans) help contain the problem
  • Blast resistant litter bins/ trash cans deal with the threat of hidedn explosive devices hidden  in high traffic public areas such as airports, shopping centers, train stations and bus stations
  • A standard litter bin will fragment under blast loading spreading the lethal blast effects further. Removing litter bins completely only adds to public frustration and a greater cleaning burden.
  • Bomb proof trash can solutions to deal with the risk of terrorim in a practical way

Products manufactured by Energetics Technologies, Ltd.

Bomb Blankets

Bomb suppression blanket for quick, temporary protection against IED and other potential explosive blasts…


1.5 m x 1.5 m size (other sizes on request)
Safety circle to put around the suspect object -bomb blanket drapes over the safety circle
Safety circle is 0.4m in height by 0.4 m diameter
Convenient carry/storage bag included
Fragmentation protection
Handgun protection
Used in IED/EOD operations and de-mining operations
Outer cover is 65/35 Poly Cotton
Aramid 460 gsm
Ballistic panel outer material – Nylon 70
This product is manufactured to Mil-Std-662 E,STANAG 2920 and/or the USDOJ NIJ 010.03
Berry Compliant and Non-Berry Compliant versions available

Threat Mitigation Units

Threat mitigation solutions/options to mitigate terrorist IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) such as letter bombs and suspect devices in baggage.

  • Ideal for mailrooms, post offices, reception areas, building entrances, airports, airlines sports events, and EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal)
  • Designed to safely mitigate and remove a suspected letter bomb or unidentified package
  • Compatible with EOD equipment enabling EOD resolution outside the building
  • Helps protect people and assets from explosions or their threat
  • Maximizes business continuity and operations
  • Evacuate the problem, not the business.


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