CP120B™ and CP160B™ – X-Ray generators

Advanced Technology

Over recent years, there have been major advances in imaging technology: CMOS silicon active pixel sensors, CCD capture devices and high speed film-based systems (such as F8 + RCF screens). Combine these with the ultra lightweight, mains power-independent CP120B and CP160B as the source of X-rays and the result is a totally new concept for NDT and SECURITY applications. Greater penetrating power and almost incredibly low and compact size are achieved by the advanced 100 kHz resonant mode high voltage transformer. This delivers a constant DC output that easily outperforms contemporary 150 kV and 200 kV cold cathode pulsed X-ray generators. Depending on the detector used, CP120B and CP160B will image through steel plates up to 10 mm and 21 mm thick with a very short exposure time. The CP120B and CP160B can also be run continuously for several minutes without cooling interruptions, a major improvement on the “few seconds” possible with pulsed, cold cathode X-ray units.

LI-ION Battery and Fast Battery Charger

Equipped with their 37V LI-ION Batteries, our CP120B and CP160B generators can perform for 300 consecutive seconds of constant exposure! Unlike other conventional batteries, our LI-ION batteries are fully charged and ready to use in just one hour.

  • Constant potential output 120 kV – 1 mA /
  • 160 kV – 0.5 mA
  • 60° x 60° directional beam
  • Focal spot of 0.8 mm x 0.5 mm / 0.8 mm x 0.7 mm
  • 7 kg / 9.2 kg including battery pack and handling feature
  • Extended operation, external power supply options
  • Optimized for new digital and radiographic imaging media

A handling figure that makes all the difference…

Careful attention has also been given to help make working on site faster, more accurate and easier. The strong, shock absorbing and visually appealing handling fixture anticipates users’ needs.

Remote Operation …

Cable or external driven operation is simply achieved through the front panel connector. Thanks to the serial port RS232, kV, mA, exposure time and pre-warning time can be changed at distance with a standard text terminal. The communication accepts text commands based on the echo mode protocol. For wireless operation, bluetooth capabilities have even been implemented.


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