The roots of EBINGER Prüf- und Ortungstechnik GmbH are in the German bomb disposal. The first industrial grade EBINGER detectors were developed already 40 years ago. Their trendsetting technology led to a worldwide distribution. The removal of the remnants of war is a challenge, where EBINGER equipment proof itself on a daily basis. Continued R&D led to new technologies and numerous patents respectively intellectual property rights.

MSG 450 B: Metal detector, general purpose, for shallow search

MSG 450 B – Metal detector, general purpose, for shallow search:

Lightweight     |     Robust – compact    &nbsp|     Modular tube system
Automatic adjustment     |     High sensitivity     |     Built-in signal transmitter

The EB 450 surface detector is mainly used in the field of bomb disposal. One of the available models featuring detachable or exchangeable components is employed in humanitarian mine clearance. The EB 450 B surface detector is a compact, lightweight mine sweeping device featuring modular tube technology. Read more about the MSG 450 B.

PIDD® / UXO - locator, interference compensation

PIDD® – UXO locator, interference compensation:

Pulse induction (PI) principle     |     Operation on mineralised and magnetic soil
Dynamic search mode     |     LED battery control     |     Low operating cost

The EBINGER PIDD® metal detector is a new, unique design for successful searching for after metal objects buried in non-cooperative soil. The device is intended as a tool to support the detection of objects with a metal content larger than that of metal mines. The PIDD®was designed as a rugged locator for use in humanitarian mine action when searching UXO. Read more about the PIDD®.

UPEX® 740 M - Large Loop metal locator for deep search of wide areas

UPEX® 740 M – Large Loop metal locator for deep search of wide areas:

High productivity     |     Simple to train and to operate     |     Option for digital surveys
The UPEX® 740 M PI large-loop detection system supports a fast search of large areas after metal objects of substantial size buried deep in the ground. Depending on the vegetation, areas of several  ha can be surveyed with one unit within one day. The UPEX® detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as alloys. Read more about the UPEX® 740 M.

UPEX® 740 MVM - Vehicle based Large Loop detector, single or multiple array

UPEX® 740 MVM – Vehicle based Large Loop detector, single or multiple array:

Substantial increase of searched ground     |     Easy and fast to assemble      |      Option for hand held use
The UPEX® 740 MVM multi-channel Vehicle System is very effective for the inspection of wide areas and to support the risk reduction in fast road opening operations. The multi array version can take up to 4 sensor loops to scan a large surface.The alarm system of the electronics can be pre-calibrated to alarm only upon detection signals which exceeds the preset threshold. Read more about the UPEX® 740 MVM.

UPEX® 745 P²I - Metal detection system for BAC and deep search in urban areas and industrial estates

UPEX® 745 P²I – Metal detection system for BAC and deep search in urban areas and industrial estates:

Optimization for different detection tasks     |     Large detection ranges and high sensitivity

The new UPEX® 745 P2I system offers substantial  advantages in subsurface search due to its flexibility and the wide choice of transmitter and receiver components. The UPEX® 745 P2I can be optimized for different tasks and operations. It suits for standard on surface usage as well as for borehole inspection. Read more about the UPEX® 745 P²I.

 TREX® 150 - Active metal search system for deep search, frag rejection

TREX® 150 – Active metal search system for deep search, frag rejection:

Supplements classical deep sounding systems     |      Optionally with digital data recording
Audio and optical display

The TREX® system makes use of two coils which are spatially separated from each other but in the same plane. An alternating current of definite frequency flows through the transmitter coil. Read more about theTREX® 150.

MAGNEX® 120 LW - Magnetic anomaly locator, land-, borehole- and in-water use

MAGNEX® 120 LW – Magnetic anomaly locator, land-, borehole- and in-water use:

Borehole detection     |     Digital multi-channel system     |     Land and water use
Digital mapping: EPAD®data logger and EPAS® software

MAGNEX® 120 LW was developed for the detection of ferromagnetic objects buried underground and in water. Using an extension cable it suits borehole detection locating objects at great depth and in a magnetically disturbed environment. MAGNEX® probes count amongst the most advanced tools in the market. The locator is equipped with the latest inductor system made by EBINGER. Read more about theMAGNEX® 120 LW.

MAGNEX® 120 LW - Multi-Channel-Systems

MAGNEX® 120 LW – Multi-Channel-Systems:

Increased productivity when surveying large areas     |      Reduced personnel requirement
Improved data quality

To improve productivity and increase the quality of the data obtained when field mapping, EBINGER offers the MAGNEX® 120 LW as multi-channel systems. If required these can be enhanced with a GPS system. Read more about the MAGNEX® 120 LW .

MAGNEX® 130 B - Underwater magnetometer for diver use

MAGNEX® 130 B – Underwater magnetometer for diver use:

Ergonomic design     |      Robust and compact     |      Modular design     |      Audio/visual indication
EBINGER locators are synonymous for leading technology and efficiency. The MAGNEX® 130 B is a further development of its well proven forerunner. The search device is of compact modular design and lightweight. It is easy to operate and simple to learn. MAGNEX® 130 B is used to locate ferromagnetic objects buried underwater on or in the seabed. Typical targets are bombs, shell, mortars, sea mines, parts from ships or entire wrecks. Read more about the MAGNEX® 130 B .

 EPAD® / EPAS® Datalogger - Datalogger and software - for digital survey

EPAD® / EPAS® Datalogger – Datalogger and software (for digital survey):

Multilingual rugged PDA-type data logger     |     DIN EN ISO 9000 compatible software     |     GPS – compatible
Display of recorded data, coordinates, detection results     |     Easy to use – basic & advanced user levels

Mobile Bluetooth-technology-based PDA data recording system for various sensor types with one to six recording channels. Data recording with real-time display. Ruggedised and waterproof version, suitable for all environments, complies with MIL-STD 810 requirements. Read more about the EPAD® / EPAS® Datalogger.

EBEX® 300 - Underground marking system

EBEX® 300 – Underground marking system:

Object-selective location with the EBEX®300 locator
Multi-frequency device     |      Minimized noise effects

The locator can pinpoint the position of subsurface markers. The great advantage of the system consists in an object-selective location – thus, for example, the position of different pipe and cable lines concealed in the ground can be marked precisely and for an indefinite time. The different frequencies of these permit differentiation between several lines. Read more about the EBEX® 300.

MAGNEX® 100 - Iron locator

MAGNEX® 100 B – Iron locator:

Robust and handy     |      Lightweight     |      Simple to use
Audio coding of field polarity     |      Dynamic / static detection steps

The MAGNEX® 100 B is a handy iron locator in longterm stable and innovative differential probe technology. It detects magnetic anomalies in the normal magnetic field of the earth as caused by buried ferromagnetic objects. The detection range of the MAGNEX® locator depends on the size, position and magnetic signature of the objects to be detected. Read more about the MAGNEX® 100 B.