Field Forensics’ ruggedized HandyRam 785R™ identifies unknown samples in seconds. The HandyRam™ is truly pocket-sized and therefore is ideal for field use.  The user interface is intuitive, with logical displays of information and icon-driven controls via the large color touch-screen, resulting in rapid decision making.

The HandyRam 785R™ comes with different spectral libraries depending on the user application.  For example, FFI offers narcotics and explosives libraries for reliable identification.  The combined explosives and narcotics library (available individually) contains more than 800 compounds, including common precursors and cutting agents. But HandyRam™ can be equipped with thousands of compounds in its library including hazardous materials and toxic industrial compounds.  A library subscription is available, which provides users with quarterly updates of new, relevant compounds; if FFI doesn’t have your compound of interest, let us know – we will be more than willing to help with your application. 

HandyRam785R™ has several safety features, which are very important when analyzing explosives, such as acquisition delay, laser power control, and Rapid Laser Spin (RLS™). 

RLS™ is a unique laser manipulation process that continuously translates and rotates the laser point within a specified area during an acquisition.  RLS™ protects the user by preventing overheating and destruction of samples.  Analytically speaking, RLS™ has an additional benefit in that it gathers information from multiple sampling points in a single acquisition to provide an accurate overall sample measurement.

As a complement to RLS™, the HandyRam’s Mixture-Analysis identifies major components in complex solid and liquid mixtures.  For example, Mixture-Analysis will identify cutting agents found with illicit narcotics.  With RLS™ and Mixture-Analysis, the HandyRam 785R™ will provide a true single-measurement analysis of your sample.

HandyRam 785™ comes with computer software that allows users to generate reports, create and upload user libraries, and manipulate and process spectra.  HandyRam 785™ software is user-friendly and requires minimal training.

Please contact us today for the latest information on our HandyRam™ and other instruments and test kits for rapid field-identification of chemicals.