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Virginia Beach, VA | July 9-10, 2015

Come visit FFI Tactical & Field Forensics, Inc at the 2015 Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach, VA at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Warrior Expo is the premiere industry event that brings end users, program managers, and procurement specialists together with industry-leading solutions providers in an environment designed specifically for government and defense organizations.



FFI Tactical is a spin-off of Field Forensics, Inc. and is focused on serving customers such as police and military bomb squads, humanitarian demining teams, and UXO clearance teams with cutting edge tactical equipment - equipment with the FFI Tactical brand as well of those of our partners. On this website you will find information on the following products:

  • Metal Detection: Walk-through metal detectors, hand-held metal scanners for security, hand-held and portable systems for demining applications as well as portable and vehicle mounted systems for battle-area clearance (BAC) including GPS system for mapping found UXO.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The Series III Heavy Bomb Suit as well a lighter weight Search Suit, and a variety of PPE for demining tasks such as demining aprons, helmets and visors.
  • Water-Abrasive-Suspension (WAS) Cutting Systems: We offer several options of a high-pressure WAS-jet cutting system for cutting into UXO, hazardous-atmosphere tanks, and other dangerous cuts.  The systems can be operated remotely - up to 1 kilometer away - to protect operator from detonations or gaseous releases.
  • Portable X-Ray Systems: State of the art wireless, portable x-ray systems for use by military EOD and bomb squads. These system are rugged, are available in different image sizes and x-ray source strengths.
  • Explosives & Drugs Detection & Analysis: We offer a variety of colorimetric tests for explosives and narcotics as well field-portable analytical equipment includeing Raman spectroscopy and thin-layer chromatography (TLC).
  • Contraband Search Equipment: We offer a variety of mirrors for contraband search including under-vehicle mirrors and telescopically mounted video systems for searching underneath or on top of large trucks and trailers.


New Product: ULTRA-HME™ Field Analysis of Explosives and Drugs

ULTRA-HME Colorimetric Test Kit

FFI Tactical now offers the Field Forensics ULTRA-HME™, a field kit with colorimetric tests to identify chemical materials used in making home-made explosives (HME), including metals. The ULTRA-HME™ kit can identify the widest range of HME materials, compared with other field test products, and is an extension of the field proven ULTRA™ and IDEX™ test kits, which are successfully used by elite military and police units around the world. With ULTRA-HME™ users can detect and identify dozens of explosives and precursors in less than two minutes.


New Product: microTLC™ Field Analysis of Explosives and Drugs

microTLC Drug & Explosives Detection Unit

FFI Tactical now offers the the microTLC™ - Thin Layer Chromatography system, the perfect complement to colorimetric explosives and drug test kits. The microTLC™ analyzes forensic and environmental samples to detect and identify explosives, illicit drugs, insecticides, pesticides and other targets in samples taken from surfaces, liquids and solids - in the laboratory and in the field. The microTLC™ offers increased selectivity, compared to colorimetric tests.



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We support hundreds of police, military and security organizations in detecting, analyzing and defeating explosive and other threats. All of our clients have more important things to worry about other than whether or not their kit is working, so we design our products from their perspective.


Field Forensics is the exclusive manufacturer of E.L.I.T.E.™, I.D.E.X.™ and ULTRA™ explosives detection and precursor identification kits, which are all manufactured in the U.S.A.